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Social Media Is Redefining 'Depression'

Before you make that cut, please keep in mind that you will find the pain release and blood strangely addictive. It controls you. But you will. If you think you can limit the cuts to just one area of your body, you better think again.

Even if you have been the most honest person to ever live, you will lie to your friends, family members, everyone around you who you care about.

self harm aesthetic tumblr

Be prepared to become your own worst enemy. Wait for the 10 cuts to turn into 20 then 50 then Your entire life will begin to revolve around your addiction. And then. You pray and hope that the bleeding will stop. The better you get at treating your wounds, the worse they become.

But at the same time. Be prepared to spend even more money on an entire new wardrobe. Long sleeved shirts, hoodies, long pants, boots, bracelets, wristbands. The list goes on forever. Hoping, praying that they will be like you. Hiding it with everything and looking and hoping that someone will have an exposed cut and be able to help them and relate. A key, safety pin, a needle, a paperclip, even a pencil.

Everything around you will become a weapon. Say goodbye to all of the things you took for granted. Shorts, sandals, tank tops, swimming in the summer, going to the beach.

self harm aesthetic tumblr

All of these things will be a far off memory. I hope you like itching and scratching non stop. You will itch and itch and itch. You will become an expert on your body as you carefully destroy it, taking it apart piece by piece. You will dream of cutting, dreaming of getting caught. It will haunt you day and night, in your dreams and when you are awake. Cutting will take over your life.

How to self harm. Here is where I tell you how to successfully hurt yourself:. Put down the blade. Put down the pair of scissors. Put down the knife. Put down the needle, safety pin or paper clip. Because you are so much better than this. Archive Subscribe Here's where you tell me your secrets. Submit a post Alternatives to Self-Harm So you want to kill yourself? Hello beautiful. This blog can probably be triggering for some.This blog is strictly for the APH Nordics, please do not request anything for any of the other Hetalia characters other than the Nordic Five!

Writings are for self-ships only! I will not write requests pertaining to the reader or any of the Nordics being trans. Please never apologize for requesting self-indulgent prompts! Denmark aesthetic? Like with the Aesthetics, I will do basically anything as long as it revolves around the Nordics!

Of course, you may most definitely ask for certain songs to be put on the playlists, and for certain themes for it as well. Norway playlist? I reserve the right to turn down any prompts if they do not follow the guidelines, if it is offensive, or if I feel it will make my followers uncomfortable.


Hello all! I know this blog has been inactive for quite some time, and I would just like to apologize for that. During the next few weeks, I will be updating the rules page, and adding to the content that will be posted here. From there on, this blog will not only be headcanons for the APH Nordics, but also aesthetics, and imagines! As of now, aphnordicheadcanons is now fully updated!

The rules will be posted for mobile users momentarily. Ask box is open, feel free to request after reading said rules!! For mobile users, you can find them under the rules tag. Reminder that requests are Open!!!

Rules for Aesthetics: Will Do: Basically anything! You can ask for it with certain lyrics from a song, or with the theme of a certain color. Ships, but Nordic X Nordic only. I am very excited for these changes, and i hope you all will be as well!

Whenever Iceland gets really mad the ends of his hair will turn black like they were singed.Unless this whole disaster will miraculously resolve itself. You can export your blog to a zip-file in the settings of your Tumblr account. Your kind messages, comments and tags helped me through some really rough patches. I know that most of you are reading me because of my Rick and Morty self harm AU.

Many people have been reaching out to me, telling me that my little comics inspired hope in them. Anxiety and depression are tough things to be dealing with, but, yeah, sometimes even the smallest things can keep us from drowning. For me such small things are series and fandoms that grow around them. There are a lot of reasons to recommend it: beautiful aesthetics, engaging storylines, breath-taking soundtrack, non-stereotypical POC and LGBT representation, strong female characters and exciting humour — all parts of it.

But to me it was recommended as a very hopeful series, and I recommend it to you as such. So if you are feeling down or struggle to find hope or love British characters or even simply have nothing else to watch — please, give this series a go. Save it. Some of you may have noticed that I was kind of absent since September. I feel like I owe you an explanation. What happened is that I found a job and also went back to finish my last year at university.

Between those two I have neither time nor energy to draw. I fully intend to continue my self harm AU, but it can happen anywhere between tomorrow and god knows when.

Thank you so much for sharing this! Posts ask me stuff my main Archive. Back-uping your blog You can export your blog to a zip-file in the settings of your Tumblr account. I want to ask a moment of your time.

Anonymous asked: Your blog is rick and Marty but your picture is Brian KinneyMy mind is a jigsaw puzzle of perfect pieces scattered over an uneven table. I am being put together by hands that shake as they reach for more of my memories. My souls is scarred from the beatings I have given myself in order to live. My heart is torn open by the jagged bones of creation.

I am forced to relive my past mistakes with every breath and still I will smile and greet you as if I am morphine, painless. I am fire that lights up the last cigarette to calm the nerves of a man who is about to propose. I am water on burning skin on the head of a loving soon to be mother. I am the earth beneath new families of all walks of life.

No matter how you hide your pain there will always be those that have it worse and those that have it better than you. We are the handmade scars on the wrists of our lives and I hope that we are only ever looked at in remembrance rather than reopened on a daily basis to cope with our lives.

Waiting for everyone to go to bed every night just so you can cut without being caught. Keep reading. This makes the urge to cut stronger. Oh, right. In other news, I just want to share something really personal with everyone who bothers to read this. Even in the midst of my bad panic attacks that are lasting longer and longer latelyI have no desire whatsoever to harm myself in any way.

The thought of it is so sickening. Just which one is worse. I feel so fat. My bf pokes me in the stomache all the time and I feel so self conscious. I just want to cut out my stomache. I want to have a flat tummy.

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self harm aesthetic tumblr

When offered to work with one of the leading coaches in the U.A few months ago, Laura U. She pined to be mysterious, haunted, fascinating, like the other people her age that she saw in black and white photos with scars along their wrists, from taking razor blades to their skin.

self harm aesthetic tumblr

Months ago Laura was part of one such community, scrolling through hundreds of photographs on Tumblr that evoke negative emotions through art and call it depression. This online cultivation of beautiful sadness is easy to join: anyone can take a picture, turn it black and white, pair it with a quote about misunderstood turmoil, and automatically be gratified with compassion and pity.

And this readily accessible sea of dark poetry could easily drown out those whose suffering has reached the clinical level. Mark Reinecke, chief psychologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Too often, it just leads to more teenagers believing and feeling they are depressed, self-pitying, self-harming.

The short, soundless, looped video of gifs makes self-hatred into practical bite-sized packages. On Tumblr, Laura came across many of these, some of which show teenagers cutting themselves. This sort of exhibitionism of self-harm, suicide, depression, or self-loathing under the pretext that it is beautiful, romantic, or deep is hardly unusual. Stan Kutcher, an adolescent psychiatry expert and the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Healthwho says he sees a trend of romanticized depression, of self-victimization.

Kutcher says the problem is in misinformation. Adolescents are getting a lot of information from the media, on websites such as Tumblr, or from their friends, not from reputable sources. How you respond to an affective state depends on what that state is. This phenomenon affects teenage girls disproportionately: between and12 percent of teenage girls aged between 12 and 17 suffered from a major depressive episode, which is three times higher than the rate of their male counterparts 4 percentaccording to a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in Reinecke proposes an explanation for this: girls and boys in modern society are socialized differently.

Boys are socialized to take action. While not always helpful in managing their problems, it helps get their mind off of them for a time. Girls are pushed to dwell on their experience. Closed social media sites facilitate this grouping even more.

Communities are set up all around affinities, designed around developing homogenous social groups rather than diverse ones. When you search for things repeatedly, the system tends to retrieve similar things to present to you. There [are] both empowering and challenging aspects of [social media]. There have been a lot of really great civic engagement opportunities for young people that have come out of social media. At the same time, there is a lot of narcissism and stewing in their own juices.